Soul-based Life Coaching


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  • Do you long for change that is aligned with your values, desires and deep human needs?
  • Are you living through a challenging life transition, questioning what now and want to reevaluate, embody and focus on what's really important to you in this season of life?
  • Do you want to come into greater self-leadership, discover powerful inner resources and start taking more charge in your life?
  • Do you yearn to feel at ease within your own skin?
  • Do you find it hard to set personal boundaries and to lovingly care for yourself and would like to change that?
  • Do you feel burned out from a life-style that overrides your need for rest, silence and recovery and would like to access greater wellbeing?
  • Are you engaged with the question of a life without child, and your role as a woman in society, yearning to find your unique feminine expression in the world?
  • Do you have one (or many) wonderful creative ideas, but are  struggling to put them into action?
  • Are you longing for a fresh start and to begin again?

All of this becomes possible when you embark on a life lived in honest connection with yourself, guided by your healthy inner authority and firmly rooted in your agency.

I see you

Your internal pondering quickens; like a butterfly, you are preparing to emerge from your cocoon.

My passion is to assist women, like you, through this exhilarating and, at times, vulnerable process of change and new beginnings in life, love, and Self-leadership.

Allow me to guide you on an inward journey where you can unfurl your heart and access your inner resources, clarity, authority, and agency.

It is your knowing and my soulful guidance that will aid you in evolving, manifesting your desires, and creating the life you long for.

Corinne helped me understand myself better and feel resourced with tools for the days ahead

The sessions with Corinne were so beautiful and deep. I have done many kinds of therapeutic work but nothing like this. The way she can guide me through what I am feeling and what my body is asking is really amazing. Not only does it help me to understand myself better, but it prepares me for the days ahead. Many of the visualizations that came up at sessions have become a tool that I can use whenever I need. As well as the body movements that release stuck emotions that I for so long needed. I look forward to our sessions because I know that she will help me understand what I am feeling with kind and gentle support. I trust her work and am grateful that our paths have crossed.


Embarking on the vulnerable yet exciting journey of starting anew

No matter where you find yourself in your journey: begin from within.

Whether you're grappling with feelings of being stuck, doubtful, confused, afraid, or unfulfilled, rest assured, the clarity and power you need to create the life you long for reside within you, and I'm here to gently yet effectively guide you.

You are resourceful and creative.

You are a Creatress.

Let’s start close in.

Corinne has supported me enormously in unfolding as the person I really am and with making an impact in the world.

Since my Soul-Based Coaching sessions with her, I have become much clearer and I am able to connect my passion both professionally as a special education teacher at a school and in my own practice. Through Soul-Based Coaching, I have also rediscovered myself as an Evolutionary Educator in the method Evoped® and now offer consultations and training in this field. I highly recommend Soul-Based Coaching to any woman who wants to connect more with herself and is open and curious about what can emerge from that.


Coaching Journey Packages:


Experience personalized 1:1 online coaching sessions with me, each lasting 75 minutes.

Throughout our journey, I seamlessly integrate methodologies from Soul-based Coaching,  embodiment modalities, IFS (Internal Family System Therapy) and women’s wisdom teachings.

Soul-based Coaching draws from foundational practices such as Clean Language (developed by psychologist David Grove), Symbolic Modelling (developed by Penny Tompkins & James Lawley), and Presencing (developed by Otto Scharmer).

I may suggest personalized practices to strengthen the insights gained in each session, practices you can easily incorporate between our sessions. Additionally, I'm available for brief inquiries between coaching sessions, ensuring continuous support throughout our transformative journey.

Depending on where you currently stand in your personal journey, I'll recommend one of the tailored packages available to you. The most suitable option will become clearer after our free exploration session.

3-month coaching journey US$ 540.-

Inclusive of four one-on-one sessions with me. Enjoy pay-in-full savings for your convenience.

6-month coaching journey US$ 910.-

Inclusive of eight one-on-one sessions with me. Enjoy Pay-in-full savings and payment for your convenience.

9-month coaching journey US$ 1,250.-

Inclusive of twelve one-on-one sessions with me. Enjoy Pay-in-full savings and payment for your convenience.

Want to find out if my coaching style is for you? Book a free introductory session with me.

Corinne helped me tap into the divine feminine energy and learn how to nurture and transform myself

Through my sessions with Corinne I've gained so much knowledge about tapping into the divine feminine energy, seeking support and connecting with my body on a deeper level. Coming from the old pattern of suppressing femininity, I learned to let go of what no longer served me and felt the evolution happening within me. Working with Corinne allowed me to learn how to nurture and transform myself and develop greater empathy and compassion for other women's evolutionary journey.


She helped me open my eyes to the positive and take a step forward

I sought coaching with Corinne during a difficult time in my relationship, after the birth of our child and the resulting distance as a couple. The conversations with her have shown me my pain points and triggers from the past and what I can do to heal them. In addition, she helped me find my inner center and the right tone to talk to my partner about my hurts, which was a big problem before. I can't think of a more loving and understanding person to discuss and work through such intimate and painful topics. Corinne is 100 percent with you during the conversation and gives you support and space.


Corinne helped me change my negative belief about personal boundaries into something positive and worthy acquiring

"Corinne displays a loving neutrality which makes for a good coach. The way she’s been curiously asking questions together with her honest perception of my triggers and blind spots (don’t we all have them!) made me realize that it is boundaries that I need more of in my life, and that they are worthy acquiring. I know now that boundaries don’t mean I’m egoistic but that they can come from a place of honesty and love towards myself which will benefit both myself and my clients. This is huge for me, because I didn’t really have a concept of boundaries in life until now, but in my session with her I could experience that I can see better and be more present with myself and others with clearer boundaries in place. Wow, that’s exciting and a real change compared to my previous outlook on the matter!"